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Re: fire rated glass bricks

From: Russell Perry
Category: Curly Question
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Date: 24 Nov 2007
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Matthew, there are a few options regarding fire rating that may be applicable for you depending upon the requirements of the relevant fire authorities. There is a 60 minute fire rated option that will give you a reting of -/60/- FRL, this is the cheapest option as standard Solaris german made glass blocks can be used. Then there is a 90 minute fire rated system that you can use (generally only require for commercial and industrial applications where the lives of many people may be at risk in a work environment) this is more expensive but very effective giving you a -/90/- FRL. This system uses a Solaris BSH20 glass brick that has a nominal glass wall thickness of 20+ mm compared to the standard 8mm thicness. You can go the Rolls Royce option as an architect in Carlton, Melbourne recently did on his own house and use the Solaris 1960F glass block which is essentially 2 BSH20 glass blocks fused together to create a double thickness glassbrick. This option while fairly pricey will give you -/90/60 or -/90/90 not only 90 minutes fire rating for the prevention of smoke and fire (the middle figure of the FRL) but 60 - 90 minutes fire rating for the insulation of heat transferance (the end figure of the FRL). The reason the first figure is left blank in the FRL is because glass bricks are not considered to be load bearing (ie: you can't support a large steel beam supporting a second storey wall off the glass brick panel as they are only designed to support their own weight). Structural loads must be supported by an independant beam such as one you would use over an ordinary window that will prevent the weight bearing down on the glass block panel. If you require specific information please contact me directly info@absolutebrilliance.com.au When you know what you require and I can supply you with the relevant documents and certificates for your needs. All the best with your endeavours.

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