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Glass Brick photos to inspire ideas for your dream project.

Glass Blocks can bring new perspective on design and fashion, adding style and class to your home or office with
stunning light filled features that appeal to all!

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Opening glass brick window

Latest Innovation -

Openable glass brick windows
Glass block pattern: Wave

Location: Lilydale
Finally! Glass bricks and ventilation together as one!
You can have an opening glass brick window that lets in fresh air! Simply add a retractable fly screen and air circulation problems are history!

Opening Glass Block Window / Shower Screen Glass brick pattern:
Mulia Toba
Location: Box Hill, Victoria

This opening glass block shower screen / window is the ultimate in style and practical functionality!

Mulia Toba Opening Shower Screen / Window
Opening Glass Brick Window inside a Glass Brick Wall

Opening Glass Brick Window inside a Glass Brick Wall!: Solaris Wave
Location: Glenhuntly Vic

This garage converted to a music room is another example of how limitless the uses for glass blocks are!

Curved Glass Block Screen Glass brick pattern:
Solaris Wave
Location: Altona Beach, Victoria

This glass block screen wall creates a stylish facade

Curved Glass Block Screen Wall In Altona Beach
Glass Brick Stairwell Window Apartment Building in Apollo Bay Vic

Stair Well Glass Brick Window Pattern: Solaris Wave
Location: Apollo Bay Vic

This holiday apartment building uses glass bricks to adhere to privacy guidlelines with neighbouring properties

Glass brick pattern: Fidenza DO  Glass block colours: Rosa, Aquamarine, Green and Amethyst
Location: Hastings, Victoria

Flood your home with colour!

This random pattern of coloured glass blocks at Hastings, Victoria drenches the interior with dramatic and decorative light that is anything but sedate!

Coloured Glass Bricks
curved glass blocks around swimming pool

Glass brick pattern: Wolke and 45o corner glass blocks
This indoor swimming pool in Warrandyte is breathtakingly decadent with the use of a glass brick screen around the spa pool. A wonderful atmosphere all year round!

Glass block pattern: Solaris Flemish or Wolke
Turn your window into an ever changing canvas upon which Mother Nature paints!
It's Autumn outside and it's splendour provides a stunning back drop for this lovely Burwood bathroom.

glass block bathroom window in Autumn
Glass block panel in stairwell

Glass brick pattern: Grey Wolke or Flemish by Solaris Stairwell windows... Too high to effectively or practically operate curtains or blinds and definitely too high to open?
These grey colored glass bricks at Caroline Springs ease the heat, cold and UV rays while eliminating curtains and maintaining privacy and of course...

Glass block pattern: Solaris Flemish/Wolke and special shaped corner glass bricks This bar area in Templestowe is a sight to behold! It sets the entertaining mood wonderfully and can also be backlit with white or coloured light to further enhance the room.

Corner glass bricks or glass blocks used in private bar
Mulia Toba glass bricks laid in half bond pattern with ventilation window

Glass brick pattern: Mulia Toba 190 x 190 x 80 and Toba 190 x 90 x 80mm
Location: Bundoora

Trying to fit glass blocks into an existing window opening?

Here is a great example of how the use of half size bricks can transform a odd opening size into a fascinating feature pattern without expensive alterations to existing structures

Glass brick pattern: Solaris Wolke 240 x 115 x 80 half size and Wolke 115 x 115 x 80 quarter size blocks
Location: Adelaide

This curved glass block wall surrounding one of the conference rooms in this Adelaide Based architectural firm is affectionately known as "The Fish Bowl". The use of curved glass bricks puts their clients at ease creating privacy without that "closed in feeling" that solid walls can create.

Curved glass block wall with half and quarter size glass bricks
Fidenza DP Glass Blocks in stepped shower screen frame

Glass block pattern: Weck Parallel Rib or Fidenza DP
Location: Balwyn

Stepped Frames can give a good feeling of dividing a room area, while not sacrificing the feeling of space and complement so many decorating styles.
They are truly versatile!

This Hot new bar in Chapel St South Yarra (Katuk Bar opposite TGI Friday at The Jam Factory) used our new 90 minute fire rated glass block system in aluminium frames to flood this indoor/outdoor room with light while....more

90 minute fire rated glass blocks in hot South Yarra bar

Solaris Stella pattern glass bricks with opening glass block vent window

Glass brick pattern: Solaris Stella or Frost Star

Location: Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.
Here is another example of an existing aluminium/timber window converted for glass bricks using a 2 brick wide vent window for fresh air to the bathroom.


Glass block pattern: Seves Solaris Wave or Flemish
Here is a beautiful entry to Wizard Home Loans' Lilydale branch. A fish tank set into the glass bricks makes this reception area memorable, calming and welcoming.

Curved glass block wall with fish tank built in
Curved glass block wall with window built in Glass block pattern: Weck Nubio Wolke

Location: Mill Park Police Station, Melbourne.
Here is a curved upstairs glass brick wall with a window built in to the glass bricks! The reception area is bright and airy, secure yet welcoming all at once.

What to do with that little glass panel by the front door?.... No privacy without an odd shaped curtain and definitely no security.  Glass bricks may well be the answer! 

Glass block pattern: Solaris Frosted or Sandblasted Wave
Location: Greensborough

Make your bathroom a signature of your individuality. Stepped frames make an eye catching feature that is very appealing to the senses!

Glass brick pattern: Vitrablok Janus DW
Location: Heathmont

Period style bathrooms are complemented very well by the right glass brick style.

Privacy with stunning beauty as you relax in the tub. 

Just imagine, candles, lavender oil, soft music, a good bottle of wine...

A glass brick shower screen
Location: Mitcham
  combines style and light with the ultimate piece of mind where your safety is concerned. The panels are solid and secure ensuring that soapy water under foot is a minimal hazard.

Glass brick pattern: Solaris Sahara or Sand blasted Flemish - Location: Glen Iris
No ventilation in your bathroom? Not any more! These new glass block vent windows have latches and fly screens! Sandblasted bricks afford privacy and  atmosphere.

Glass block ventilation window

Glass brick features can be any size and can be used in small, closed in areas, giving you a feeling of openness and space. 

Glass block pattern: Solaris Wolke/Flemish FRL 90 minute glass blocks
Location: Bentleigh
Boundary screen walls keep out neighbours without sacrificing those beautiful sunny afternoons outdoors!
(A big favourite ensuring council approval for upstairs windows too)

Glass block pattern: Solaris Wolke/Flemish full and corner glass blocks
Bay windows are an exciting option with special corner blocks made to suit 45 and 90 degree angles!
McDonald's Drive Thru in Blackburn South, Melbourne

With glass bricks you're not restricted to straight lines. Inside and out, curved features give your home or office a more natural and welcoming appearance.

These half satin or frosted glass block windows look incredible in the front of this apartment complex in Berwick, an outer Melbourne suburb. You can have bathrooms and ensuites facing the street in complete privacy!

Glass block pattern: NEG Bark 90 minute fire rated
Location: Delgany at Portsea
Exciting new apartments built at the famous Delgany use glass bricks to maintain privacy and security while still lighting up their entries

Original Delgany Homestead at Portsea Victoria


The possibilities for glass bricks go on forever. Let us help you realise the dreams you have of the perfect home.


Absolute Brilliance

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